jonathan pryce as the high sparrow damn good news too! he is a great actor!

Game of Thrones: Season 5 – New Cast Members (Comic Con)



"From the earliest age her (Maria Nikolaevna)’s love for her father could be seen. Once, less than a two years old, the baby toddled to him during breakfast, hugged his leg and with her face turned up she smiled brightly. The nurse came hurriedly to take the girl away, but the Tsar himself asked her to bring a chair for Maria instead. "It touches me," he explained, "to see so much affection." Ever since she learned to toddle she would permanently try to sneak out of the nursery to "go to Papa". When she saw him walking in the garden, she would call to him from the open window, he would then wait for her to come and carried her on his walks."

- Margaretta Eager, OTMA’s nanny, from her memoirs Six Years at the Russian Court